It’s been quiet!

Hello everyone. As with many labels that operate in the way that I do, Paramnesia has lulls in activity – sometimes long ones. Currently there are no planned releases, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be one in the future. There is some talk, and who knows what may come next.

The Des Ark LP is sold out but you should be able to find a repress over at Lovitt Records in the near future.

If you have any questions / suggestions / etc – send me an email!


Des Ark LP Still on Sale! Extra Prints Sold Out, Remaining Prints Shipped While Available

Hey everyone! A quick update – you can still order Des Ark – WXDU v.3 at – There are still prints available and I will be sending them out while supplies last. But there are no more official Glow-In-The-Dark prints left. But there are a handful of limited GITD test prints on various colors and if you’re lucky you might get one.


Des Ark – WXDU v.3 – Out now!

You can order the record at for now. After I return from holiday travels I will migrate it to the proper mailorder page. All orders placed between now and then will be shipped out after I return on January 3rd. This also means that the pre-order deal of getting a print with your record is still on!

Distros / wholesalers, get in touch at


Des Ark Pre-Orders Shipping Soon!

Hopefully next week! In the meantime, check out a couple of the completed prints. I spent 5 hours yesterday with Jeanne D’Angelo making 200 prints at Reclaim Print Shop. The top one is the glow-in-the-dark version that you get if you pay for the extra print. Notice it has a third layer – a glowing owl skull!


Des Ark – WXDU v.3 – Release Show / Now taking pre-orders!

Des Ark Cover

Exciting news. I am now taking orders for Des Ark – WXDU v.3. It will be mailed out in the first half of December. You get a hand screened print of the cover artwork by Jeanne D’Angelo and if you throw in an extra $5 you will get a limited edition print of the artwork with glow-in-the-dark ink (the money from the added print goes directly to Jeanne so she can keep doing stuff like this!).

You can also pick up a copy at the official release show this Saturday, November 19th, at the Mitten in West Philadelphia:

Des Ark Release Show


Des Ark – WXDU V.3 (PAR-006) Update

After a few delays, WXDU V.3 is on track. The vinyl is pressed and ready to go. The final holdup, the artwork, has finally been decided. Aimée of Des Ark and I are thrilled that Jeanne D’Angelo is responsible for the amazing artwork below.

If all goes according to plan the covers should be done and screened within the next month, ready for an official release in late July. Stay tuned.


A New Release: Des Ark – WXDU v.3

While this site does go quiet for long periods of time, the label never dies. From the beginning I decided that this would be a long term project of working with friends to collaborate in releasing music that is deeply meaningful to me. Because of this there is no consistent release schedule and there may be years at a time with no new records. I think most of you understand that this is the way Paramnesia was meant to operate, but to anyone who is unsure about it please feel free to <a href=””>write me</a> or comment here.

I’m very excited to announce that there will be a new record in the coming months: an LP version of Des Ark’s WXDU Volume 3. These are 9 new songs written and performed by a solo Des Ark – that means it is just Aimée with her guitar and voice, backed occasionally by her friend Johnny with some additional guitar parts.

Aimée also has a full length coming out very soon on Lovitt Records. I’ve been lucky enough to have been listening to this for the past six months and I’m still completely floored by it, so check that out as well. As for WXDU v.3, the lacquers were cut today and are off being plated. I expect to have the vinyl in my mid-April and the record to be going out the door by early to mid-May. I will be opening up for pre-orders as I have done in the past, probably sometime in April.

You can download the first song from WXDU v.3 here:

Thanks for your continued support. I’ve received letters and emails from some of you that have echoed many of the feelings I’ve put forth in the writings you can find in the records I’ve released. Hearing from you means a lot. The most important part about punk rock is dialogue. It allows us to create new friendships, learn about new ideas, and hopefully further integrate the great things that punk has brought to our lives with the long and difficult process of growing up.

Stay tuned for more updates.


Amateur Party – Public Utility 7″ – PRE-ORDER NOW!

Head to the AMATEUR PARTY PRE-ORDER PAGE to order the record. It will be shipping at the end of the month. All the details about the record are over there but here are some highlights:

  • DIY Packaging (it looks really sweet and took a lot of time to make)
  • Unique Covers (22 different varieties – photos by Chrissy Piper)
  • Sweet Color Vinyl

Give “Gun Fever” a listen:

This text will be replaced by the flash music player.


Amateur Party 7” Pre-Orders About to Begin!

There was a record release show last Friday that went really well! It’s not officially out for mailorder yet but the first 50 copies were created for the show. The show was a benefit for two local organizations helping low income families navigate the benefits system to help heat their homes this winter, among other things.

Photos and details for the pre-order will be coming in the next few days, for now here are some details on the actual record:

  • 4 Great Songs!
  • 335 Pressed (35 “fest” test press editions on black, 50 more “regular” copies on black, the rest on two different types of colored vinyl)
  • Entirely hand-made packaging! Two color screenprinted covers, hand folded, glued, stapled, cut, etc, etc. It takes a lot of work to put these together, but I hope you all find it worthwhile in the end.
  • 10 page booklet.
  • 22 different cover varieties, each with a different photo of a friend all bundled up.

The only bummer is the record cost a lot to make so I think the single-record mailorder price is going to have to be $6ppd (that’s $4 for the record and $2 for the shipping). I will be confirming this at the post office this week and after I do I will be putting up the pre-order information (which will include a special print as with all previous releases).

One more note – I’m still low on Off Minor records but I do have them – so get them while you can, repress is uncertain.


Amateur Party – Public Utility Complaint – Coming Soon!

Hey Everyone!

Still no update to the mailorder page. Still not sure when I will get around to doing that, though hopefully before the next release comes out.

Speaking of the next release, it will be a 7″ by Amateur Party. As usual, I’m really excited about it. We were down at the Fest in Florida this past weekend and sold out of the 30 test press special editions, so I’m glad that other people seem to be excited as well!

There will be a pressing of 300 on various colors with all hand made DIY packaging akin to the In First Person release. I’m not sure on pricing yet as I have to figure out the mailorder costs for a 7″, but I’ll try to make it as affordable as possible. More info and pre-orders coming soon.

Also the Off Minor LP is almost sold out. I have about 40 left. I’m not sure on the status of a repress so if you definitely want a copy, order one now.